Tue 6 Nov 2018 14:15 - 15:00 at Franklin - V Chair(s): William Bail

Hardware security mechanisms have struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing security landscape. Hardware is time-consuming to design, and its fixed nature makes it challenging to adapt to new threats. Modern tagged architectures solve this problem by enforcing general software-defined security policies. Policies define what information is stored in the tags and what rules the architecture enforces relative to this information (e.g., data tagged as confidential should not be sent over the network). However, this introduces new questions: What tools should we use to build these software-defined policies? How can we be confident that these policies enforce the security and safety properties we are interested in? This talk examines these questions in the context of a general-purpose security mechanism that extends existing processors with software-defined tag processing. We describe the language we use to define tag-based policies, and related research.

Tue 6 Nov (GMT-05:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey change

13:30 - 15:00: HILT 2018 - V at Franklin
Chair(s): William BailThe MITRE Corporation
hilt-2018-papers13:30 - 14:15
Jeffrey S. FosterTufts University
hilt-2018-papers14:15 - 15:00
Chris CasinghinoDraper Laboratory