The Grace Object-Oriented Educational Programming Language design project was started at ECOOP 2010 in Slovenia, with the goal of designing a new OO language for teaching and research. Since then, the language design has progressed to the point where Grace has been used for teaching at two universities for a total of 10 courses, and has been the foundation for at least two PhD theses. There are also at least 5 implementations in various stages of completion, including an executable semantic definition.

This workshop — which will be held on Sunday, 4th November 2018 — will allow those with experience using or implementing Grace to share these experiences with the community. The workshop will also provide a forum in which the Grace project can receive feedback on the current design and implementation, and to plan for the future.

The most recent draft of the Grace Language Specification is available here:

Call for Expressions of Interest

We invite research papers, position papers, experience reports, proposals for language changes, and tool demonstrations in areas such as:

  • experience implementing Grace
  • experience teaching with Grace
  • critiques and feedback on the Grace specification
  • proposed extensions to Grace
  • lessons that Grace may take from other related language projects (such as Pyret, Racket, BlueJ, Wyvern, Stride, TouchDevelop, TrumpScript etc)
  • lessons that Grace may take from language workbench implementation tools

Position papers, language change proposals, research papers, experience reports and proposals for presentations should be submitted using HotCRP. (The submission link is in the box on the right.) The organisers welcome discussion by email of the suitability of proposals for any form of participation in the workshop.