What if you could have breakfast with a researcher you look up to?

What would you ask them if you could ask anything?

What advice would you get?

The SPLASH mentoring is an opportunity to answer these questions and meet one of our mentors over breakfast and discuss any topic from career to life, and ask any question ranging from selecting a school or an advisor, picking a research topic, or the benefits of functional over object-oriented programming.

The SPLASH mentoring breakfasts will be held at the conference hotel from 7:45 until 8:45. Students should arrive at 7:30 so we can assign them to mentors.


The breakfasts are targeting the attendees of the Programming Language Mentoring Workshop, but, space permitting, other students coming to SPLASH may join. To apply fill the Google Form in the Submission Box, pick all of the dates you want (and are sure to be able) to attend.