The SPLASH 2018 Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop is aimed at advanced undergraduates and first year graduate students. The workshop aims to attract students to research careers in programming languages and software engineering, to de-mystify the graduate school experience, and to offer first-hand perspectives on graduate study from recent Ph.D. graduates, young scholars, and senior researchers. Applicants from groups underrepresented in computing are especially welcome.

The workshop program will focus on important skills for beginning researchers and will offer mentoring opportunities with senior researchers attending the conference. PLMW’s program will include a keynote by Guy Steele as well as talks by other researchers in programming languages and software engineering. Topics to be discussed include:

  • How to network effectively at a conference?
  • How to make a good presentation?
  • How to construct a good research paper?
  • How to pick your research specialty area?
  • What are the differences/tradeoffs between a research career in industry, academia, government?
  • What are the new emerging areas of research in programming languages and software engineering?

Mentoring Application

To ensure that students can benefit from the entire, full-day program, this workshop is not open, (i.e., you can not decide on your own to attend). All students who are interested in attending must apply to do so — and will also be eligible to receive travel support to attend the workshop.

We will post a link to apply to for funding and to attend the workshop on or before July 9th. We will let you know by September 4th if you are selected to participate in the workshop.