Sun 4 Nov 2018 11:20 - 11:40 at Stuart - I Chair(s): Mark Marron

We are developing a JavaScript virtual machine (VM) for embedded systems. The challenge is to reduce the size of the VM and the memory footprint. Our approach is to generate tailor-made VMs, each of which supports only a subset of JavaScript that is necessary and sufficient for the target applications. For this goal, our project is developing a framework to generates specialised VMs. The framework comprises a VM source code generator that generates a specialised VM instruction interpreter and built-in functions from the full-set specifications of JavaScript written in a dedicated domain specific language (DSL), a profiler that collects requirements to the specialised VM for running the target applications, and a customisable runtime system of the VM including object model and garbage collection (GC).

Sun 4 Nov
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10:30 - 12:00: VMIL 2018 - I at Stuart
Chair(s): Mark MarronMicrosoft Research
vmil-201810:30 - 10:55
Research paper
Michael FaesETH Zurich, Thomas GrossETH Zurich
DOI Pre-print
vmil-201810:55 - 11:20
Research paper
Juan FumeroThe University of Manchester, Christos KotselidisThe University of Manchester
DOI Pre-print
vmil-201811:20 - 11:40
Tomoharu UgawaKochi University of Technology, Japan, Hideya IwasakiUniversity of Electro-Communications, Japan
vmil-201811:40 - 12:00
Lun LiuUniversity of California at Los Angeles, USA, Leland TakamineUber Technologies, Adam WelcUber Technologies