The -3rd Workshop on New Object-Oriented Languages (NOOL 2018).

The NOOL workshop series is a platform for discussing new research, novel ideas and experimental designs in object-oriented languages and systems. Previous NOOLs (2017–2015) have included talks on a variety of topics, such as novel languages and language features, type systems, OO fundamentals, tools and environments, as well as discussions on language security.

NOOL is discussion-oriented, rather than publication-oriented, and presentations will be selected with an aim of fostering interesting discussions. Work-in-progress submissions, provocative ideas that may not be ready for formal publications, and work adapting old ideas to new purposes are welcome. See the CfP for submission details.

Call for Papers

NOOL-18 brings together users and implementors of new(ish) object-oriented systems. Through presentations, discussions and demos, NOOL-18 will provide a forum for sharing experience and knowledge among experts and novices alike. We invite submissions in the following areas:

Theory: Including object oriented programming, semantic models and methodology.

Languages: New languages, extensions to conventional languages, and existing languages.

Implementation: Including architectural support, compilation and interpretation.

Tools and Environments: Including livecoding, user interfaces and utilities.

Applications: Commercial, educational, and other applications that exploit OO programming.

Interested presenters are invited to submit abstracts (2 page 2 column 10pt ACM SIGPLAN format) via HotCRP by Friday, August 17th 2018. Proposals will be lightly reviewed. There will be no formal proceedings, but abstracts will be posted online before the workshop.