Wed 7 Nov 2018 10:30 - 10:52 at Studio 2 - Parallelism and Performance Chair(s): Arjun Guha

Memory management support for lock-free data structures is well known to be a tough problem. Recent work has successfully reduced the overhead of such schemes. However, applying memory management support to a data structure remains complex and in many cases requires to redesign the data structure. In this paper, we present the first lock-free memory management scheme that is applicable to general (arbitrary) lock-free data structures and can be applied automatically via a compiler plugin. In addition to the simplicity of incorporating, this scheme provides low overhead and does not rely on the lock-freedom of any OS services.

Wed 7 Nov
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10:30 - 12:00: OOPSLA - Parallelism and Performance at Studio 2
Chair(s): Arjun GuhaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
splash-2018-OOPSLA10:30 - 10:52
Nachshon CohenEPFL, Switzerland
splash-2018-OOPSLA10:52 - 11:15
Benoit DalozeJKU Linz, Austria, Arie TalTechnion, Stefan MarrUniversity of Kent, Hanspeter MössenböckJKU Linz, Austria, Erez PetrankTechnion
splash-2018-OOPSLA11:15 - 11:37
Remigius MeierETH Zurich, Switzerland, Armin, Switzerland, Thomas GrossETH Zurich
splash-2018-OOPSLA11:37 - 12:00